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Our song catalog includes over 3,200 songs from the 

We pride ourselves on our interactive shows with the show's patrons, be it a bar/restaurant, charity event or a private show. We believe that bringing the crowd into the musical experience with us enhances the experience and we encourage our crowds to sing along as loudly as they can. We are four professional persons who love having fun with the music and the crowds that come to see us.  If you are looking for an interactive, professional, fun and danceable experience then give us a call. 

The Second Street is a highly polished cover band that plays the most popular songs of  the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and some 2000's.  With a catalogue of 3,200 songs we always take requests and rarely do we turn one down. We include classic rock, country and some of today's POP songs.


The Second Street Band passions come from the collective musical experience of the founding members Jerry Mowery and Roger Leonardis who started out as a duet and to this day play many shows a year as a duet.


We started the band in 2014 and over the years have had the unique ability to play with some great musicians. Our passion for music encompasses outstanding musicianship and vocals that not many can match. Roger and I are joined by Elliot Liebner on bass and Rob Kelleher on drums.

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